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3A has provided quality digital printing for over 14 years! The experience we have in producing exceptional print work is all part of our service. We can advise you on paper, size, colour and we have a fabulous graphic design department that can assist you with your job, or design and layout the entire job for you. We have a rigorous quality control system and make sure that you, the customer, is happy with the end result.


When printing digitally with 3A, you deal directly with the source, there is no middleman, we take your job from start to finish and the printing and finishing is done in-house. If there are special needs that require out-sourcing, we only deal with trusted companies, that give us a special price. With 5 branches Auckland-wide, we are able to buy paper in large quantities. All this means you get a reasonable and affordable print job.


DEADLINES! We know all about them. Some are generous; while others are tight! Digital printing is a relatively speedy process, and we can usually produce your print run within 24 hours. However sometimes you need a job done urgently, give us a call, we can do urgent jobs within a few hours*. 3A has 9 branches Auckland-wide, so if the job is big and needed fast, we have the resources to get it done... on time!


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Here are some of my designs that I have had a great time designing. I have made many different Stamps through the years, not all of them Address Stamps. Kapa Haka Tattoo Stamps, Rubber dies for Cake Decorating, Signature Stamps for Artists, Wedding Stamps etc. I have also made Stamps for Film Sets, Movies and Singing Artists.


Most Self Inking Stamps can be reused. The rubber die is removed and the new rubber die is placed on the text plate. Normally you will need a new ink pad as the impression of the old rubber die will be imprinted onto the ink pad.


Re-ink your ink pads when possible. You can buy new ink pads for your Self Inking Stamps, however you can purchase a bottle of ink for sometimes the same price if not cheaper and a couple of drops will get you Stamping again. Less is always best as you can always add more ink. I advise to take the ink pad out of the machine and add your ink and then leave it overnight to settle. Then place it back into your Stamp and your away Stamping again.


The best way to get a nice Stamp is to not rock the Stamp back and forth. It seems natural to do just that but it ends up smearing the image. With Self Inking Stamps you might want to do a couple of tests before you Stamp as the rubber die has been sitting on the ink pad and it may come out a bit blobby.

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